Frequently Asked Questions


Why did I not receive my license renewal reminder and what should I do?

Have you moved recently? If so, have you updated your address on the E-NATIS system (the vehicle licensing system)? If not, all you have to do is change your address and renew your vehicle’s license. For your convenience we offer both services.

I sold my car what should I do now?

Firstly, do NOT try to deregister the vehicle, all you have to do is give the original registration papers to the buyer and put in a notice of change of ownership. Please note – an NCO cannot be done if the license fees aren’t paid up to date.


I’ve finished paying off my car at the bank, do I need to do anything now?

Request the original registration form from the bank if they haven’t already sent it to you. Then you just have to put in a change of titleholder, it’s recommended that you do this as the vehicle’s titleholder has the most control over the vehicle – they can decide to deregister it or put in a change of ownership.


I did not receive a license disc when I renewed my vehicle’s license, why?

This could be for one of two reasons; either there are outstanding fees on another vehicle registered in your name or the vehicle needs to go through a roadworthy test. Please contact us to find out what the cause is.


I lost my license disc do I have to pay the full amount again to receive a new one?

No you only pay a pro-rata fee, the date from which the disk was issued until the current date. You only pay for the time you actually had the disk. Now when you license your vehicle you’ll do it as if you do not have the renewal reminder. The new expiry date will be a year from the current date.

I lost my registration paper, how can I get another one?

You will then have to apply for a duplicate registration paper. Note: only the title holder of the vehicle can apply for a duplicate.