Terms and Conditions


a) All quotations are payable in advance before the commencement of
processing any transactions, unless otherwise agreed with between the client and WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd.

b) WEQ4U will not be held responsible for any additional amounts charged by
the Licencing Department, be it in the form of additional licensing fees, traffic
infringements and any overdue penalties for other vehicles owned by the client.

c) Should the Licencing Department automatically charge any outstanding
money due by the client when issuing the documents, the money is immediately
payable to WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd when collecting or before the despatch of the

d) An invoice will be issued for full and final payment when the transaction is
completed. Any additional funds payable by the client will then be payable
immediately and any refunds due to the client will also be payable immediately
by WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd.

e) No documents will be released until all outstanding amounts are paid in full
on collection, unless otherwise agreed with between the client and WEQ4U
(Pty) Ltd.

f) WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to suspend the client’s account should the
account payment terms not be met.

g) If the client should fail to object to any item/s appearing on WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd
statement of account within 14 days of the date of receival of statements, the
account shall be deemed to be in order. The applicant shall not hold back
payment of their account due to items under reconciliation.

h) In the event of the applicant defaulting in making payment of any amount
that has become due and owing, then the full balance outstanding (whether due
or not) will become due and payable without notice to the client.

i) Unless the context otherwise requires, the words importing the singular shall
include the plural and vice versa, a natural person shall include an artificial

person and vice versa, and one gender shall include the other and vice versa.

j) Until such time as the customer has paid the full value of their invoice/account
in full in respect of any services paid for, the documents shall remain vested in
WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd. WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd shall in its sole discretion, without notice to
the applicant, be entitled to reverse the transactions which have not been paid
for and/or dealer stock the vehicle. The costs of the re-registration onto the
client’s name shall be at the Client’s own cost. The applicant hereby waives any
right it may have for any refunds from WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd.

k) WEQ4U (PTY) Ltd cannot cancel any transactions already submitted to the
relevant departments.

l) Service fees are non-refundable for submitted transactions, even if the
transaction could not be completed due to reasons provided by the Licencing
Department i.e.: other outstanding motor vehicles, enforcement orders,
outstanding roadworthy certificates and monies due to the Licencing

m) Additional service fees will be charged should WEQ4U (Pty) Ltd have to re-
submit the transactions for processing.


n)  The client agrees that WEQ4U will put an administration mark on the client’s ID number and on the vehicle should any outstanding amounts not be paid to WEQ4U.  The administration mark will be lifted as soon as the final payment is settled. The administration mark will block the client’s profile and will prevent any transactions to be done.